Helps for Your Helping Stones

I am Delighted to Meet You!

Kim Ballor

Author of several books including Fashion Beading and Collage Creations. Columnist in Bead Design Studio Magazine for eleven years. Designer of hundreds of project “How-To” sheets, articles, new products, and kits. Teacher of classes all over the world, and on television.

As a lifelong designer, author, and teacher, Kim’s mission is encouraging women to dust off their creativity and put it to good use. She also understands that most of us need a visual boost to cement things into memory. With the multi-tasking lives most of us lead, memories of what we read and study are sometimes fleeting. To solve that, it makes sense to combine women, bible study, and art, for maximum learning and remembering.

After twenty-five years working in the Craft and Creative Industry, Kim earned a Master’s Degree in Communications with an emphasis in Ministry. She is excited to be able to combine her loves of art and the word of God, encouraging other women to creatively learn and remember His messages.

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